Saturday, April 16, 2016

FREE SUNGLASSES W/3 at 50% OFF?! FREE SHIPPING? ok, we deserve this.

One of our FAVORITE sites (always free shipping, trends on point, supes reasonable pricing) has this message for you!
Great jewelry and classic sunnies are the focus of our Fashion Friday this week. From summery brights, to classic metallics, to black, and naturals, (literally in that order,) we have created a collection with someof our favs..and they start at under $5! We are offering all the jewelry in our Fashion Friday collection for 50% off and FREE SHIPPING with the coupon code SPEND20SUN.

Prices are starting under $5, with FREE SHIPPING. There are 100's of colors/styles to choose from. 

Additionally, if you purchase 3 pieces of jewelry, you will be given a FREE pair of classic sunglasses with your order. There will be a pop-up at checkout to offer the sunnies. This is limit 1 per order/customer. No more than one will be sent, however, we will make sure we will ship a FREE pair with each order of 3 pieces of Fashion Friday jewelry. 

If you ordered 1 pair of earrings, a set of bangles, a necklace, you would get the sunglasses FREE and the cost would be $19.94 & FREE SHIPPING- 4 accessories for under $20! 

Monday, April 11, 2016

LuLaRoe Love with Crystal (llcvip on fb!)

So if you're following me on Facebook at all you probably know that I have a new love. Yes, it is mutual in case you're wondering.
Basically it's muh closet. Well, not all of it but this new little section where I hang my LuLaRoe. (LLR). Ok, it's just my LLR.

But for real. Since we've found each other we've gone so many places, met some wonderful people, and been so comfy and cozy and warm.

If you aren't already familiar with the company I am delighted to tell you about it, because it has made such a ....cue cliche term here.... PROFOUND IMPACT ON MY LIFE.

After having two children emerge from my insides; leaving me less than unscathed; you could say I've had a love-hate relationship with my clothing. Love in the purely sarcastic sense.

I cannot begin to estimate how many items of clothing I own that I never wear. And I mean "NEVER"; quite literally. My closet has not been a functioning warehouse for my duds but more or less a shrine to a the body of my twenties - once had but not appreciated. Oh the times I complained a little extra hip or booty and what I wouldn't give for just that little extra bit now. *le sigh

For the last oh I dunno 6 years or so, I've resigned to my husbands tees around the house and my sister's Torrid hand me downs when I did finally find the nerve to crawl out from under the rock that's become my roof. I say rock with all seriousness because it has been a heavy weight on my shoulders. My poor husband is the kind of person who likes to visit and run around with a smile on his face all the time and he had all but quit asking me to go with him because it looked a little something like this:

Him: "Hey hon, I've got to run to Wal-Mart, wanna ride with me?"
Me: (either one of two outcomes) 1. "Uh, yeah...give me a couple minutes" 20 minutes and 10 outfits later - through tears - on the floor of the closet - *sniffle, *sniffle "just go ahead, maybe next time"

OR 2. "Nooo....I don't feel like it" [translation: I don't have anything to wear. TO WALMART.]
I mean, have you seen the "People of Walmart" website?? Clearly there is no dress code.

Enter my sister's new business. Oh I swore up and down when I went to help her with it that I was not buying into another work-at-home "opportunity". Especially one which sold less-than-cheap stuff. [Or would it be more-than-cheap. Um...not free or close to it, ok, and ya'll know that's my jam.]
I took pictures for her, watched her play around with it on social media. And accepted an outfit as trade for helping and put it on to go clearance shopping at Old Navy. But while I was there, in said outfit... I stopped shopping the disposable clothes on the closeout racks and took note of how I felt.

A. Attractive -people wanted to know where I got my leggings.
B. Bold - I don't usually wear anything with a print
C. Completely Covered.
D. Drapey - hey this hides the area that normally bulges, but isn't
E. Energized - I could run errands for days like this! I need to tell people about this stuff!

So I took a HUGE leap of faith and found a place willing (or ignorant) enough to give me a loan. I didn't have a paycheck, we lived off my husband's money. Yet I was determined to let other women know getting dressed doesn't have to be a struggle. I barely remember the way I was before and it's easy to laugh about it now, but the truth is I was dealing with some pretty severe anxiety and depression from not getting out enough. And why? because I was trying to put pants on?? So to those who say leggings aren't know what? You might be right. But they get me out of the house and into the world, living life again. And that's enough for me.

If you'd like to learn more about the clothing, the business, or the love - see styles or share side-eye, find & friend us here:
Lularoe Love With Crystal
twitter @lularoelovevip
instagram @lularoecrystalc

Freshness for Littles at Cents of Style

Whether it's all kids of just mine, something about having fresh style just puts a smile on their face and a spring in their step.

While supplies last, you can help spring them into style with these fresh tees from Cents of Style, one of our FAVORITE online retailers.

Style Steals - 4/11/16 - Kid's Graphic Tees for $12.95 + FREE SHIPPING w/code SPRINGTIME.

Not only are prices super reasonable, there is ALWAYS free shipping. How can you go wrong there? Shop as little or as much as you want with no extra charge! Just check out some of these cuties!

 Style Steals - 4/11/16 - Kid's Graphic Tees for $12.95 + FREE SHIPPING w/code SPRINGTIME.

Also, get kid's flag aviators (in three colors) for $2.99 at checkout!  They are the perfect sunglasses for your littles to rock this summer!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Perfectly Reasonable Questions

What's the show called with a girl Pirate?" Kyler, 5

Friday, December 18, 2015

Free Sample of A Breakthrough Cold Sore FDA-approved Formula

                        Click Under Pic

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Black Friday Early Bird Deals ...Updating

While Black Friday is getting bigger and earlier every year, there is a certain appeal to snagging the savings online. Not only do you avoid the rush, the lines, the public; there isn't the pressure to buy since you're physically there and not near as great a chance for that dreaded buyer's remorse. Some items might be limited in stock, which can certainly motivate you to pull the digital trigger and checkout faster; but you can always shut it down, grab a slice of pie or leftover turkey sandwich, and have your feet propped up quicker than you can say "not it" to the dishes.

So in the event that you don't want to cut the festivities short and you're saving your sanity by shopping online this year; or you've tuckered yourself out in store but still feel the need to top up those stacks accumulating under the tree: here's a quick round up of cyber sales that you can indulge in from now til next week. 

Cents of Style      Style Steals - 11/25/15 - Semi-Precious Stone Necklaces  Code: PRECIOUS        11/25 ONLY

ModCloth            Black Friday Up to 40% Off New and Favorite Styles                                                      11/25-11/29

Julep               BLACK FRIDAY: Save up to 75% on Julep's Holiday Collection                                          11/25-11/28

                     BLACK FRIDAY: Free Julep Mirror Compact Gift with $25 Purchase                                          11/25-11/30

(by SammyDress)       Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale: 13% OFF Sitewide    Code: ROSE1127     11/25-12/02

                   Hot Sale: 43% OFF for Chic Strapless Sleeveless Floral Print Maxi Dress                                           11/25-12/01
                              Flash Sale: Up to 60% OFF for Sparkling Jewelry and Accessories                                            11/25-11/26

                                        Black Friday and Cyber Monday Flash Sale: 13% OFF for All     Code: "BLCYSD"         11/25-12/01

JollyChic                                                  Get $10 off on orders over $79      Code: CM1201             11/25-12/06
                                  Get 8% off on orders over $99 and 10% off on orders over $249        Code:   Dec31           11/25-12/31  

PopKind 25% off Luxury TAG HEUER Mens Watches Seven Colors Available                                             11/25-12/31
                                             40% off for Fashion Oakley Mens Watches                                                                        11/25-12/31

                                                    40% off for Luxury DIESEL Mens Watches                                                                  11/25-12/31

                         35% off for Fashion DIESEL Mens Watches with Two Colors Available                                          11/25-12/31

Nume Products                                                       $89.99 Curl Jam      Code: BFCURL89         11/26-11/29
                                                                                      $49.99 Megastar      Code: BFMEGA49         11/26-11/29

                                                                                                       $17.99 Any Classic Wand    Code: BFWAND17        11/26-11/29
                                                                               60% OFF Styling Tools + Free Shipping   Code: BFTOOL60          11/26-11/29

                                                                                                                      $97.99 Octowand    CodeBFOCT97           11/26-11/29
                                                                                                                           $69.99 Titan 3     Code: BFTITAN69        11/26-11/29

                                                                                                                     $15.99 Silhouette    Code: BFIRON15           11/26-11/29

                                                                                                     20% Off Holiday Collection    Code: BFHOLIDAYC    11/26-11/29

                                                                                                                         $79.99 Lustrum     Code: BFLUST79         11/26-11/29

Sammy Dress               Fashion Accessories: 13% OFF and Free Shipping     CodeBLACCESS       11/24-12/01

                                                                    Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale for Kids:        Code: BLCYKIDS         11/24-12/01
                                          $3 OFF $25+, $5 OFF $35+, $6 OFF $45+ , $10 OFF $75+,
                                $12 OFF $85+, $14 OFF $95+, $18 OFF $125+, $22 OFF $155+
                                                          $26 OFF $185+, $32 OFF $225+, $35 OFF $245+

                                                             Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale for Women's   Code: BLSWCG           11/24-12/01
                            Sweaters and Cardigans: $3 OFF $20+, $4 OFF $30+, $6 OFF $40+, 
                                      $8 OFF $60+, $11 OFF $80+, $17 OFF $120+, $22 OFF $150+

Magnet Street      Enjoy 33% off all products in Life Moments!                                          Code LOVEIT33           11/24-12/01
 Save 20% in the Business department, No minimum required Code: BLACKFRIDAY 11/27-12/01

BuyCostumes            15% off no minimum at BuyCostumes                                                                         11/24-11/25

More sales being posted tomorrow!

Go Ahead and Slice Your Turkey Budget in Half [From the Meijer Newsroom]

''Meijer Offers Turkeys At 50 Percent Off This Holiday Season

More reasons to be thankful: Turkeys priced as low as 54 cents per pound

Nov. 10, 2014 
Contact: Christina Fecher, 616-735-7968,
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Meijer is once again announcing aggressive pricing on turkeys that are expected to lead the Midwest in low-price Thanksgiving turkeys.
“A Thanksgiving meal isn’t complete without the turkey, and with these great prices, Meijer wants to ensure that our customers can provide their families with the best holiday experience,” said Jerry Suter, vice president of fresh merchandising. “Not only is Meijer able to deliver a delicious meal to our customers, but we’re able to do so at a tremendous value.”
When a Meijer customer spends $20, their purchase of any fresh or frozen turkey – regardless of brand or size – will be 50 percent off. The discount on frozen turkeys is going on now through Thanksgiving Day, while the discount on fresh turkeys will begin Nov. 16 and run through Thanksgiving Day.
That means Meijer brand frozen turkeys will be priced at 54 cents per pound, and Meijer brand fresh turkeys will cost 98 cents per pound.
Meijer is just as committed to variety – offering more than a dozen varieties of the holiday bird in varying sizes, ensuring there is something for everyone. Last year, the Grand Rapids, Mich.-based retailer sold 700,000 turkeys.
“But the savings don’t stop there,” Suter said. “We have all the staples to help our customers make a memorable – and affordable – Thanksgiving meal to share with family and friends.”
Meijer is once again preparing for high sales of premade Thanksgiving dinners for those who want the traditional holiday meal without the time spent in the kitchen. Customer demand for premade meals at Thanksgiving is a trend that has been growing for the last several years for individuals looking for convenience or as a great gifting solution by companies, clubs and organizations.
A deluxe turkey dinner costs $49.99 and includes a 10-12 pound prebaked turkey, home-style stuffing, roasted turkey gravy, cranberry walnut relish, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole. A deluxe ham dinner costs $49.99 and includes a 7-9 pound spiral ham, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, roasted turkey gravy and cranberry salad. Both deluxe dinners can feed between 8-10 people. 
While Meijer will work to accommodate any customer request, deli team members encourage customers to place orders for those premade dinners 24 hours in advance to ensure availability.
About MeijerMeijer is a Grand Rapids, Mich.-based retailer that operates 213 supercenters and grocery stores throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. As the inventor of the “one-stop shopping” concept, Meijer stores have evolved through the years to include expanded fresh produce and meat departments, as well as pharmacies, comprehensive apparel departments, garden centers and electronic offerings. For more information on Meijer, please visit Follow Meijer on Twitter and or become a fan

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