Journey Of The Doerfels Review

Originating from Buffalo, New York, five-piece band of brothers The Doerfels are a musical marvel. Masterfully combining the likes of pop, alternative rock, and country music into their craft, The Doerfels are primed to make a lasting first impression on the musical world.

Joking that they “figured they’d get twice as good at their instruments if they’re fingers weren’t frozen for half the year,” The Doerfels moved to Key West, Florida and haven’t looked back since. Despite their youthfulness, the group already have experience under the belts having already released a few of their own records. Their 2014 release Your Chance is an apt entry into a more mainstream scene, with saccharine hits such as “They Don’t Know” and “Grow.”

Their most recent single, “What Love Is,” is a more conventional pop hit that is armed and ready for mainstream radio play. Its summery vibe and catchy hook is an easy listening treat. Listeners will yield to the song’s twinkling vibe.

The Doerfels are ready to take the world by storm. With a sound that is mature and skilled, these five brothers are ready to steal your hearts.

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