The Slants Unafraid In Solid EP

Portland’s The Slants is more than just a politically charged rock band. Consisting of all Asian Americans, The Slants is a loud and inspiring representation of Asians in North American music, with the courageous troupe showing off their spectacular talent in the face of a society that is still plagued by racially discriminatory underpinnings. More than just a loud and boisterous band, The Slants does well in supplementing their melodic and well produced sound with philanthropic real life acts.

The Band Who Must Not Be Named is an EP that shows off the unapologetic boldness of the band, a troupe that has already had its fair share of fighting against the legal system in order to uphold their own name. With an energetic and melodic energy that shines in the band’s garagey and unafraid sound, The Band Who Must Not Be Named is full of charisma and charm that adds to the bold character of The Slants.

“From The Heart” opens as a passive aggressive apology for The Slants’ loud and rebellious demeanour, with the band speaking directly to their goal of standing proudly for the Asian American heritage. Punkish guitar riffs with a retro summer flair flutter nicely throughout this track, giving The Band Who Must Not Be Named a wonderfully warm opening.

“Fight Back” shows off a more indie and electronic sensibility to the record, with the band giving us a catchier offering here that is closer to a war-like anthem. The vocals don’t seem to do as well in upholding the song’s melodic and slightly dancey vibe, but The Slants once again do a good job in continuing their fiery energy on the EP.

“Endlessly Falling” continues the summery energy of the record with a more dreamier vibe, with The Slants once again sounding solid here. Again, the vocal production doesn’t seem to match the song’s sweet energy, but The Slants still delivers a great performance.

Track 4’s “Level Up” gives us a catchy and well produced song, with the band sounding absolutely in sync here. The Slants delivers a track that sounds up to part with the standards of a lot of electronic rock hits in the indie scene, adding polish to the EP.

The record ends with “Sultures,” a soulful ending to the band’s youthful EP. This is a solid conclusion that features fantastic guitar playing and some of the best vocal performances on the entire record. The Band Who Must Not Be Named ends on a blissful note.

At many points throughout the record, there’s a bit of roughness that adds to the charm of the record. At the same time, we wish that there was a little more polish in the record’s presentation, particularly in places where the vocals and instrumentals don’t seem to totally match up.

Nevertheless, The Slants gives to us a fantastic record that shows off their bold and unafraid nature as an Asian American band. Strong performances with well written instrumentals allow the bold character of The Slants to shine even more.


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