Icy Cool Charlotte Cardin

(Featured Image Photo by Alexandre Petellier)

Montreal’s Charlotte Cardin is a cool summer’s breeze at night. Hailing from Montreal, her craft sounds mature and melodic, with band mates Mathieu Sénéchal and Benjamin Courcy playing excellently with her. Cardin’s performance is sultry and smooth, her voice clinging along gently to the sheets of her music. Wrapped up in a jazzy and acoustic package, Cardin nicely brings together charisma and performance.

The songstress’ performances are soulful and passionate, with a tinge of melancholy dripping throughout the notes of her singing. It all swirls together nicely to show off an artist who seems to have found her element. Cardin looks composed and courageous in all her performances both live and recorded, and it seems as if nothing can slow down her momentum.

Cardin recently performed at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, an accolade that is telling of how serious and mature her sound is. Indeed, the confidence and soulfulness she imbues into her performances shows just how great of an entertainer she is. Charlotte Cardin is truly a quiet magician who knows just how to captivate her audiences.

Her recent single “Just Like That” puts the listener at peace, stitching together soulful lyricism with her sultry vocals and an instrumental that beautifully melts away. Indeed, Cardin sounds magical as her voice latches on softly to the twinkling melodies of the guitar instrumental. It’s a mostly acoustic offering, but there’s nothing minimal and low key about the song’s confident demeanour.

If jazzy sounds with a matching voice and charismatic demeanour is something you crave, Montreal’s Charlotte Cardin should more than satisfy what you are looking for. The soft energy she demonstrates in her music is blissful and brave, a wonderful combination that gives us an excellent Canadian indie artist. There’s much to enjoy about her stylish musical swagger, and it seems as if there’s still much more about her for the world to discover.





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