H.E.R Delivers Fantastic Record

With a genuine soulfulness that is made all the more charming by her enigmatic demeanour, R&B songstress H.E.R gives us a passionate dose of soul and melodic mastery in the second of her self titled releases. H.E.R Volume 2 gives us a well mastered and produced collection of the mysterious singer’s music, as well making us crave more of her delectable sound.

The record opens with “Every Kind Of Way,” a radio friendly cut that borders on slight cliche and individuality. H.E.R wastes no time in establishing the soulful pace of the record, which rolls along nicely into the slightly more angsty “Say It Again.” H.E.R opens up the record with a healthy and melodic dose of passion.

“Still Down,” carries on the chill and relaxing vibe of the record, with H.E.R’s sultry voice sounding absolutely velvety over the song’s silky production. Here, H.E.R sings about themes of commitment and effort in a relationship, an endearing subject matter that will surely pull more listeners to the singer.

On track 4, “Avenue” has a more indie pop vibe to it, with H.E.R giving us a song that aptly combines the sensibilities of chill modern electronic pop with her R&B individuality. “Avenue” will surely be a fan favourite, thanks to a strong performance by the R&B songstress as well an instrumental that feels pleasant on the ears.

H.E.R gives us a beautiful jazzy cut in “I Won’t,” a piano infused cut that once again offers modern day electronic pop vibes while infusing it with H.E.R’s R&B style. The track also does a great job in subtly alluding to Bonnie Rait’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” a song that was also covered beautifully by R&B prince Tank. Fans are going to gravitate towards this one, with much kudos given to H.E.R’s

“Changes” gives us H.E.R’s best vocal performance on the record, with a sonically pleasing composition that shows off even more of H.E.R’s excellent musicianship. It rolls nicely into “Lights On,” a solid conclusion that ends the record on a more stylish and hip-hop note.

The record does slow down a little from reaching its maximum speed due to a slight lack of breadth and diversity in the sound. At times we do wish that the record sounded a little less generic. But nothing can take away from H.E.R’s charismatic and insatiable performance on the record.

H.E.R Volume 2 is a delightful collection of songs by the mysterious R&B artist that makes us want more.





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