Twist Helix Returns in Little Buildings

The enigmatic band Twist Helix reminds us of their haunting, glitzy rock style in “Little Buildings.” This rock ballad is rife with elements of electropop that make the track that much more of a passionate romp. A stylish and intense effort, “Little Buildings” gives us a glimpse of a band that is full of energy, emotion, and talent.

“Little Buildings” opens with a familiar 80’s electro energy that we’ve come accustomed to. The band has always done good in combining futuristic, synth laden sounds with a melancholic shoegazing energy. This is wrapped up nicely in an alternative rock energy that allows for the track to shine magnificently.

Vocalist Bea Garcia allows her voice to stand brilliantly on this track, a testament given how beautifully the instrumental sounds behind her. Indeed, Garcia’s voice synergizes wonderfully with Twist Helix’s composition, a feat that allows Twist Helix to perform to their fullest. The production on “Little Buildings” isn’t the tightest, but it’s stellar for what it is trying to accomplish. Here, Twist Helix presents a track that seems to hybrid between a shiny arena track and a garage cut. The result is a song that shines despite its slight roughness, with “Little Buildings” riding more on emotion and performance than technical prowess.

The rough nature of “Little Buildings” adds a certain charm for sure, but for some listeners this may be off putting. Even its composition doesn’t progress at its most smoothest, with its overall cohesion sounding a little too clunky and monotonous. This is a minor concern for us considering how beautiful Twist Helix sounds in their performance, but we would certainly like to see a little more nuance and theatricality in the track.

However, nothing detracts from how haunting and blissful the “Little Buildings” sounds. Twist Helix here infuses passion into an alternative rock track, and the result is electrifying.

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