Odesza Majestic in Return

The ethereal duo Odesza returns in their latest single “Meridian.” Delivering their usual starry and space embossed conglomerate of electronic and hip-hop, “Meridian” is a fantastic and chill dance track. With an icy cool swagger that is reminiscent of the likes of Flume and Porter Robinson, Odesza does fantastic in reminding audiences of their stylish electronic brand.

Odesza has always demonstrated a good ear for sounds in their music, and “Meridian” is no exception. The song is rife with twinkling synths that are dreamy and out of this world, the musical duo putting on display their ability to create something inspirational and anthemic.

Indeed, “Meridian” progresses at a nice and steady pace, a mark of expertise that Odesza has long demonstrated.  A stylish drum beat bouncing beneath well crafted melodies helps create for an electronic anthem that would sound fantastic either on the dancefloor, during a night drive, or alone in your room. The versatility of Odesza has always been one of their strongest points, and in this single, there is no exception.

There’s a temptation to think that maybe Odesza may have played this song safe, which is a fair argument. There’s a slight feeling that “Meridian” might be missing something that could make the cut even shinier. A vocalist or even a soft bass drop could go a long way for this already fantastic song.

Even so, “Meridian” shines because of Odesza’s attention to creating high quality instrumentals that show off musical technical skills and production mastery. “Meridian” continues a line of Odesza’s music that are tightly produced dance tracks with potential radio sensibility. While fans may still find some of Odesza’s other tracks to be more accessible as an entry point, “Meridian” will still do good in drawing fans in.

“Meridian” is a fantastic chill electronic anthem that continues Odesza’s fantastic run of musical excellence. A confident swagger with good electronic vibes are sure to draw in listeners both new and old.





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