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The cool vocals of Bea Miller are what allow chapter two: red to really shine as a cool and chill pop EP. The indie singer delivers a chilling vocal performance that supplements the 3 track record, bringing forth a radio friendly swagger that stands out despite its close familiarity with other music of its ilk. While we are still concerned with how much the music here may not truly individualize itself from its close colleagues, Bea Miller still delivers a solid EP.

The EP opens with “like that,” a cool and swaggering track whose icy energy allows the track to really let chapter two: red lift off. Miller’s vocals are stylish and confident as she opens the record with grace.

In track two’s “buy me diamonds,” Miller brings forth one of the catchiest pop tracks of the summer. “Buy me diamonds” starts off in the EP’s usual cool demeanour before dropping into a a pop infused and upbeat chorus. Bea Miller sounds in her absolute element here, her confidence shining throughout the song as she swings through verse and chorus with serenity. The production value here allows the hookiness of the song to soar even more.

The EP ends on a stylish note with “warmer,” with Miller singing over one of the EP’s more slickest productions. Her vocals sound absolutely delightful as they slide pleasantly over the track’s hip-hop energy. Indeed, on this third and final track, chapter two: red demonstrates Miller’s versatility and ability to sing on a variety of styles.

The overall quality of the EP shines with Miller’s performance, supplemented by an absolutely tight production value. Each song is threaded together carefully, with barely any similarities between them to prevent any sort of monotony.

Still, aside from “warmer,” as well the chorus in “buy me diamonds,” there aren’t too many stand out moments. Even more concerning is that the EP doesn’t do an awful lot to separate itself from the mainstream sounds that currently dominate indie pop.

However, chapter two: red is still an absolute delight. Bea Miller brings out an exciting and charming EP that is solid through and through.





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