Jay Felicite Seeks To Captivate

Sliding smoothly out of London, UK, Jay Felicite is a sensual and skillful R&B artist. Combining sounds from the likes of hip hop, dancehall, and reggae, Felicite has a silky ear for crowd pleasing sounds. Topped by a vibrato of confidence that oozes throughout his performance, Jay Felicite could very soon be turning heads.

In his latest single “Slow Wine,” Felicite gives us a club banger that isn’t hyperactive, but rather  sweet like molasses. Rather than beckoning audiences to go wild on the dancefloor, Felicite skillfully and cleverly asks us to go slow in our wines, a smoother and more intimate twist on a dancehall favourite.

Jay Felicite is an ambitious Londoner looking to make his stake in the music world. Undoubtedly, his confidence will carry him somewhere.



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