The Traffic Strikes Again with New 45 Record

Hot off the heels of their rambunctious Fire/Bangarang split 45, the enigmatic Australian funk troupe The Traffic comes our way again with yet another stylish record. Covering “White Lines” by Grandmaster Flash and “Smack My Pitch Up” by The Prodigy, The Traffic does not mess around as they roar out of the gates strong with another solid┬ámusical offering.

Just like their previous release, “White Lines/Smack My Pitch Up 45” aims to emulate the feel of a big band funk record from the 50’s, with “45” referring to the 45 records that music used to be recorded on. Indeed, you get the sense that the two tracks here strive to capture that nostalgic feel of the Cold War era, featuring grand musical ensembles in favour of a more electronic arrangement. It’s a novelty that The Traffic did well in their last release, and here in this new single, that statement is no exception.

White Lines” has a killer bass line that is only the beginning of the cover’s swagger, humming beneath some fine sounds by the big band makeup of the group. While the original already sounds funky in its own right, The Traffic absolutely turns it up a notch, transforming the 80’s hit into a stomping musical romp.

“Smack My Pitch Up” meanwhile retains the original’s stylish break beat feel, swirling it with the band’s captivating style. Indeed, it feels as if the original has been pulled through a blender, churning together sounds that would look fantastic in an Austin Powers movie soundtrack. The interlude that takes place near the end of the song is breathtaking and unexpected, one that really marks just how skilled The Traffic is as a cover band.

The next thing we are hoping for is some original content from the exciting band. They certainly have the ear, the skill, and the passion to make something energetic and flamboyant. However, they are way too good to be only a cover band. While we’re hoping for their next release to be even bigger and more mindblowing, this is┬ástill a group waiting to explode that deserves your attention.




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