Wiz Kilo Retreats Into Himself

After the wild fanfare that was Jungle Disco which featured some of the catchiest vocals we had heard fromĀ an indie party track in awhile, Wiz Kilo retreats back into something more introspective and darker with “Nocturnal.”

It’s a movement between two songs that shows just how multi-faceted of an artist Wiz Kilo is. With the ability to move between two different feels while maintaining the poppy electronic edge that Wiz Kilo has established thus far in his music, we certainly have the makings of an artist whose music is the execution of a vision, rather than just a talent.

Seen also in “Warmbody,” Wiz Kilo has a knack for combining catchy, conventional pop riffs with some more darker and surprisingly provocative imagery. It’s not artistic cliche either; Wiz Kilo has that genuine feel of an artist who wants to produce the vision of his art in his head as fantastically as possible. For a relatively underground indie artist, Wiz Kilo has done quite the job.

There’s no denying that the Montreal artist deserves some more attention. It is clear that he puts an incredible amount of work into his craft, and there’s no telling what could come next. For someone as ambitious as Wiz Kilo, he is definitely worth keeping on your radar.

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