Atlanta’s Kam James is Ambitious and Hungry

Atlanta rapper Kam James is a new artist on the horizon, but you wouldn’t be able to tell his experience based on how he carries himself. Growing up in a “musical house” where “some days it would be Marvin Gaye playing, some days it would be Tupac,” James is one part performer and one part musical connoisseur. As an artist, James aims to swirl together as many of his influences and favourite genres of music together, and in his debut record The Pregame it shows.

Both lyrically and sonically, Kam James has the swagger of a pro who has been on his game for at least a decade. His goal to put together as many different sounds together is more walk than talk, with each song on The Pregame sounding distinct and hard-hitting from each other. “Ain’t No Way” is a surprising banger while “Hennessy” is a sleazy party track, with “Never Change” shortly after being a melancholic and angsty melodic track.

There’s a whole lot of young artists out there who have the ambition and talent to put together a string of sounds into something that sounds beyond their time, and yet they still fail to take the next step. Kam James doesn’t have the vibe of someone who is like that. In fact, he’s got a certain swagger to him that has you convinced he will get the big attention he surely deserves. James acknowledges this too: “I’ve dedicated my life to this. I know people say that all day. But I really have, and it’s brought me and showed me things I never thought.” He’s not simply a young artist recording music as a means of entertainment or to achieve something superficial. Kam James has the vibe of someone who is genuinely hungry to learn and get better. And as we’ve already seen, when artists blossom into someone who is wiser and better, it can be something beautiful.

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